Can I get a moooyah?
Discow loved getting dusty last year and can’t wait to go back to the Playa. She needs a few things to make her return a reality: repairs, upgrades, mooore lights, mooore sound, mooore ice cream. Every dollar given goes to the art car and community in pursuit of our core values:

01 Spark magical moments through radical creativity and play.
02 Foster human to human connection, helping us cherish the beauty inside one another.
03 Ensure that we're leaving impact on the world in every way we exist.
04 Be udderly ridiculous.

Help us mooove in 2023 and beyond!
Discow is a huge undertaking – paying the professionals on our team for their time and paying for the raw materials to build Discow at face-value would cost over $1,000,000! We’re fortunate enough to have received a lot of free and heavily discounted stuff as well as time from our talented team to bring the Discow experience to the burn.

This year we need a total of $50,000 to bring Discow to Burning Man:
$15,000 in annual transportation and storage costs
$20,000 in equipment rental and purchases (heavy machinery, laser rental, stage light rental, engine parts and repairs, LED repairs, etc)
$10,000 in operations costs (ice cream, fuel, insurance, legal, etc)
$5,000 in inevitable padding

We expect to raise $15,000 through our summer fundraiser parties. Meaning, we have $35K left to raise!

Cowalifications for those mooost interested:
Discow is a giant holographic LED cow with a massive disco ball, sound, lasers, and more. Some of the features of Discow include:
The largest disco ball on playa and one of the largest in the world, at over 8’ tall! We built and tiled it ourselves.
A crystal clear Danley sound system that can cover 1000+ burners – one of the most sonically accurate club systems you’ll hear in the world.
On-board ice cream storage to feed hungry deep playa adventurers.
Incredible lasers operated by some of the best lighting professionals in the world (who are doing this unpaid to share their gift with the playa)
The most powerful moving heads on the playa (new addition this year) pointing into the sky to serve as a beacon for our car and at our disco ball to make magic happen.
Steel and aluminum panels wrapped in chromatic vinyl, making Discow a sleek holographic, sexy cow – true to our Italo-disco inspiration.
Space for nearly 100 burners to dance with us onboard, and a door policy to help as many people experience the Discow from the inside as possible. <3

We need your support to make this project a reality. We can't thank you enough for your time and support!

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